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The text on this page uses a translator

What Team-Nexus will implement in the future
For game requests, please send us from the store page or the email below.
We don't hesitate to ask, as we will implement what is possible and not implement what is impossible.
(We will delete the implemented ones from this corner)

Planned implementation content
The implementation will be around July-August due to the delay in development.

Show game terms of use only once at launch(Prohibiting decompilation, Decompilie, hacking, cheating, etc.)
Renamed memo files and new memo integrated system
(Ability to integrate your own memo files with other player's memo files)
Map view(Fkey) modification
Implementation of ranking function - EX chapter dedicated function(Because Sunstone's possession will inflate to 4 digits finally)

Notes systems update
Holds down the A key and displays the currently specified orb activation range - undecided
Fixed an issue where the moveable range would sometimes cause a bug when pressing the Z key - undecided
"Leaderboard" implementation - We couldn't understand the meaning of this"leaderboard"well in Japanese.
                                                   Currently we consider this as a ranking function.
                                               * "Ranking function" and "Map edit and publishing function" can be used only until 2026 even if they are published
Cloud sync is not working properly - We don't know the cause yet and We don't know when it can be fixed.
                                                         If we can't fix it, we plan to implement our own cloud sync system in the game in 2021.

Change price plan
- impossible
Translation optimization- probably impossible
Cumulative EXP display function - probably impossible
"Save As" featureprobably impossible

Cloud sharing of save data - not available at this time
The game looks ugly (dazzling) - Undecided (If possible,  we would like to renew the graphics by new pixel artist
                                                                  at the time of 2022/9 when the price of the game will be 100%, but this is quite future plan.)

The latter half of Dawn tactical palace is still being adjusted, but the first half has been adjusted to some extent,
so I will upload the zip including the meaning of the trial version.

In this version, by pressing "2,3,4" on the keyboard at the same time on the stage selection screen,
you can set the possession Sunstone to 500 and the possession Nexus medal to diamond x 27.
(There is a bug because it is a function created in a hurry)
You can also use your own Nexus medal / Sunstone data by copying the .medal file from the Steam folder.

It is necessary to thoroughly complete the first half of this to clear the Nexus stage, so please consider the order of capture.
(In addition, the clear data(.medal) of this stage can be copied.
There is an article "How to copy saved data" just below this article,
please see it for details. In this case, it is okay to copy only the medal folder.)


In this version, by pressing "2,3,4" on the keyboard at the same time on the stage selection screen,
you can set the possession Sunstone to 500 and the possession Nexus medal to diamond x 27.
(There is a bug because it is a function created in a hurry)
You can also use your own Nexus medal / Sunstone data by copying the .medal file from the Steam folder.

There games has its own statistics program instead of Steam's statistics system.
Please note that the game cannot be launched unless you are online.

Based on the beginning of Tower of the sorcerer, we released a work with Tactical Nexus arrangement.
It's a rough build and may have some bugs or inconveniences.

Ruin of the sorcerer.zip

We have created a simple puzzle game to help players get used to the Orb system.
It takes about 20 minutes to 4 hours to complete one stage.
In the future, this puzzle game may be added from time to time.

Tactical Mystery_1.zip
(Currently, the process of operating the orb with the A key etc. is not implemented)

Tacticalnexus is a game scheduled to implement data communication and ranking functions from 2022.
Please do not modify the data by cheating or using bugs.

(We plan to implement VAC in the future)

Game guide


Discord:Tactical Nexus(established by the player)

Steam:Tactical Nexus

bilibili:Team Nexus

Youtube:Team Nexus

Mail(Please use it for bug reports. We use translators. )

Game guide

Twitter-Team Nexus
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About the secondary creation and fan art of Team-Nexus's work

In Japan, primary creators can declare permission or prohibition of specific secondary creations to secondary creators.
For this reason, it is common in Japan for primary creators to make various statements about copyrighted works.
However, we cannot judge whether it is the same in countries other than Japan and what the copyright is like.
I also think that different countries have different cultures.
Therefore, for each secondary creation, "How Team-Nexus thinks" is posted.

About Tactical Nexus game system and systems like Nexus system
-> We want everyone to proactively create games that incorporate this system.
I also hope that such games will be sold in the future.
(Maybe later, but We will also introduce the structure of the Tactical Nexus program someday)
Although Tactical Nexus is a game based on Tower of the sorcerer, the author of Tower of the sorcerer states as follows.
gI think there are various discussions, but since it is a work over 20 years ago, I think that it would be good if it was enjoyed widely as an individual, so regarding the secondary work of the magic tower, it is free within the scope of common sense I would like you to do so.
You can also freely publish related works on Steam. "

About fan art for all ages of Tactical Nexus
-> Feel free to make it.

Regarding fan art such as R-18 of Tactical Nexus
-> We do not want those secondary creations.
Extremely radical and sexual secondary creations greatly reduce the motivation of Team-Nexus staff.
For this reason, such secondary creations are strictly prohibited in Japan, but the laws and cultures abroad are unknown.
(This is within the scope of "secondary work of Tactical Nexus", for example, there is no problem with creating content such as R-18 in a work that follows the game system of Tactical Nexus)

About arrangement of music
-> The idea of ​​Team-Nexus composer has not been decided yet.
For the time being, feel free to post the arranged music to posting sites such as Youtube and Soundcloud.

Hacking programs such as Tacticalnexus.exe
-> All are prohibited.


Chapter 1-1 Tactical tutorial

Chapter 1-5 Tactical trip mini

Chapter 1-6 Tactical tower G

Chater 2-3 Tactical tower W

Chapter 2-4 Tactical tower P

Chapter 2-6 Pop tactical lord(Very hard)

Chapter 3-3 Limit tactical lord

Chapter 3-4 Glorious tactical lord



The name of the item etc. comes from the game under development by Team-Nexus.
This is because it was necessary to give the item a name when releasing Tactical Nexus.
There is not much relation between Tactical Nexus and the "original".

Introducing stories that appear in Tactical Nexus items.
(There are various reasons, but we do not plan to publish the original series, especially because of rights issues and it is extremely difficult to translate while maintaining the atmosphere of the story)

Pulse book
In the original, it is an item that allows you to use the technique written in the pulse book while holding it.
In that world, when a person with a strong magical power (magical power is also called a pulse) keeps touching a tool, that tool also becomes magical.
If you possess human-derived magical items, you can temporarily take over memory and special abilities.

In the original work, if you have a pulse book (Skill name), you have the effect that you can temporarily use the Skill written in that book.

Continental budge
A powerfully budge sent to a person who has achieved great honor.
In addition to possessing powerful magical power, you can gain various privileges.
A person who has been awarded the Higher Continental Emblem is entitled to a Continental Potion.

In the original, the person bearing the Continental budge is treated as a very high-ranking person.

Safety badge
Prevents all fatal injuries and has the effect of automatically transferring a person in crisis to a safe facility.
Safety badges have the same effect on everyone around you.
In the original, everyone has a Safety badge, and basically, no matter how much force is used, the Safety badge does not lose its function.
(This item will not appear on Tactical Nexus)

Continental Potion
It is paid to a person who has achieved some achievement.
In the original, it has almost the same effect as Immortal Potion, but since there is a Safety badge, just this medicine makes it virtually immortal.

An item with artificially embedded magical power.
In the original work, the magical power has the power to "temporarily make an event that might have happened a reality."

It is a piece of gem with infinite power that constantly releases a certain amount of magical power.
(The name is actually Piece of Sunstone, but because of the large number of characters, it was simply written as Sunstone for English translation.)
Sunstone is also a safety badge material, and even a single grain of powder has a powerful effect.
If you can find a Sunstone that is the size of your finger, you will be able to play and live your whole life.

In the original story, there is a country called Edon, which stores Sunstones that are larger than the human body.
The country died decades ago under the power of Sunstone.
"Ghost": Doton, who is now humanly conscious, guards the Sunstone block.

Sunstone pendant * Items that appear in Chapter-8 or later and whose stats are enhanced depending on the Sunstone you have
In Japanese, it is written as Doton's pendant.
About 80 years before the era of the original, Doton was attacked by a "ghost" and died, but due to the power of the pendant, Doton is revived as a "ghost" with an ego.
After that, due to the power of Sunstone stored in Edon, Edon disappeared with all the people, but surviving Doton relied on his memory to reproduce the scenery of the city Doton loved.

In the original story, Doton plays the role of "showing Edon's whole figure to people who are now alive."
He then tells the protagonists "give this land to your country" and dies, happy about his life.

Kelt the Emperor's Cloak

A cloak worn by a person named Kelt from Saijin.
300 years ago, Kelt was a highly capable and charismatic emperor, but by this time the Eternal Potion had not yet been established and complete immortality was impossible.
Kelt died (disappeared) in exchange for the production of a "king's medicine" that melted all his body and magical powers in order to protect his country.
However, the human who took the "king's medicine" temporarily replaced his body and memory with that of Kelt the Great, and Kelt the Great, who had been replaced, advises the politicians of that era.
This has allowed the country of Kelt to prosper for a long time and continue its research into "magic".

A few decades before the original era, the country of Kelt is already dead.
To revive Kelt and the country of Kelt, a couple gives birth to Hide, a child to "fully" possess Kelt.
The role of Hide was to summon Kelt itself at this time with a large amount of King's medicine, but the couple came to love Hide itself.
For this reason, the couple's plans were aborted halfway, but one day the couple was murdered by a person named Gaiza.
And Hide was a side effect of the Kelt-possessing procedure, which made him aged many times faster than humans.
(Hide had not been dated by the couple, but Hide knew that his body was older than others)
As a result, Hide began to work while thinking about his missing parents.
Hide was very smart, and no one who knew Hide was aware that Hide was a young boy.

By this time, Hide, half the age of an adult (10 years old), was already in his middle-aged body.
Hide gave up on his life and decided to take the King's medicine and rewrite his body to Kelt as his parents wanted.
At this time, Hide left Kelt with a note saying "Fulfill my parents' dreams."

In the original story, Kelt, who saw Hide's copy, was angry with Gaiza and performed "retaliation". After that, he aimed to rebuild his kingdom with his enormous magical knowledge.
However, Kelt realized that he was no longer needed to interact with the protagonists.
In the peaceful and civilized era, there were many people who surpassed themselves.
And Hide, a descendant of Kelt, was also more talented than Kelt, and Kelt was concerned that Hide had abandoned Hide's own life.
Kelt uses his "newly developed, modern-day magic" to return his body to the ideal Hide appearance and disappear.
After that, by "Summon of Heaven" which will be described later, Kelt, who revived with his own body restored, spends time as the guardian of Hide.

The end of Azure
The original "Continent" is a weapon that the bird swordsman: Chick on another continent had.
Chick is a swordsman who has the power to cause typhoons and large earthquakes.
There was no warrior on the continent comparable to him.
However, Chick had pacifist and idealistic points, and his ideas were not accepted by others.
One day, Chick's troops went on an expedition to the "continent" where the original story was set.
Chick was attacked by a "ghost" there, and he was betrayed by his allies and had one of his wings cut off.

Chick prepares for his death, but one wing that has been treated and lost by the magic of "Neto" mentioned above is also restored.
There is no "magic" in the continent where Chick lived, and Chick, who has lost his obsession with his homeland, decides to spend on this continent.

In the original, "Neto" and Chick mentioned above became close friends and are working in a theater company.
The stats of the two are two to three orders of magnitude higher than the main character, and they will not be fighting partners except in certain events.

Crown helmet * Upcoming accessories: Potion items cannot be picked up instead of high defense
This is the crown worn by Bishop, the prince of the empire called "Board", and a rabbit boy.
The crown is shaped like a full-face helmet.

Eighty years ago, the Board was a powerhouse of dictatorship, and at that time Luke, Bishop's father, ruled the country.
Bishop's parents are very good emperors, and a mysteriously powerful minister named Pawn has long supported the country.
However, at one time there was an epidemic throughout the continent that "only adults were affected and all affected individuals die without exception".
This epidemic killed the bishop's mother, who had been traveling abroad.
In addition, almost all of the countries except the Board were destroyed by the epidemic and the monster "ghost" that had never existed before.

Luke and Pawn protected the adults by thoroughly closing the Board, but the plague eroded and it was only a matter of time before the adults were wiped out.
With the death of the continent itself imminent, Luke ruled the country.
However, the easy-to-cultivate drug that is a raw material for euthanasia drugs, the herb Board, has spread all over the country, and few people are trying to restore the country.
Luke was exhausted over time, and Board's collapse only accelerated.
At this time, Bishop, who is still a boy and has the ability to see through the human heart, thought that if he became an emperor, he could do more politics than Luke.
In addition, the bishop, who felt that Luke was giving up inside, could not endure Luke's suffering any more.

The bishop came to think, "You should euthanize Luke by using Board herbs," but he couldn't make a decision.
As a result, Pawn, who read Bishop's intentions, euthanized Luke, and Bishop ruled on behalf of Luke.
The board was stabilizing due to the bishop.
However, Pawn, who thought of the bishop as his own child, eventually gave priority to living the bishop over the people of the Board.
Pawn sprinkled the Board herbs on an area of ​​rebels to help the bishop stabilize and politicize.
Also, the Board's army, which has the power to defeat the ghost, protected only the wealthy at the direction of the pawns.
This is because we tried to gain support for the bishop by protecting the less confused layer.

After that, the application for the merger came from Thousand, the only country other than the Board that maintained its national form.
Bishop was willing to agree, but Pawn, who argued for Bishop, strongly opposes it.
Bishop, who could not read only Pawn's thoughts, pretended to be a civilian and learned the truth of Pawn.
The bishop then stripped him face  to hide the fact that he was dressed as a civilian.
It then uses its ability to read the human mind to act as a villain and die.
Remaining alone, Pawn acted as "the minister who defeated the evil dictator" and annexed Board with Thousand to follow Bishop's will.
Pawn is Irodojin, who died after seeing the Board that had been supporting him for over a hundred years becoming one city.
After the death of the two, the truth of Bishop was revealed by Pawn, and Bishop was praised as the king who dedicated himself and supported the country.

Eighty years later, in the original era, Bishop was summoned to this world as the "Past Load" tester described later.
His parents were not selected as testers for "performing a fierce dictatorship."
Despite being Irodojin, Pawn, who allegedly interfered with Petajin's politics and used drugs to kill Luke, was banned from resuscitation.

Bishop's dream of "living as a child in a peaceful world" came true, but his parents and family were not there.
All the sins Bishop was supposed to carry were carried by his family, and only Bishop was left behind in this dreamlike world.
His life began again in an extremely peaceful era, with the feeling that gdreams should dreams.h

In the original work, Bishop appeared as a "regular character" and is doing modest good deeds as the leader of a volunteer organization.
(The appearance of the bishop is not much different from the hero of the child, and it is drawn as a comical boy)
The bishop's background is depicted in pieces throughout the scenario.
In addition, in the original work, he who has a weak will to live finds his place in modern times over time.

Goddess Feather
Feather of Very strong wizard: Near, each Feather has artifact-level magical powers.

In the original, you can receive a special bonus by collecting Goddess Feather.
However, collecting feathers is also synonymous with "collecting human hair loss" in this world.
Showing Goddess Feather to Near can make she feel bad.

5th Dimension's Gate
A gate that connects to an "artificial parallel world" that stores infinite magic power.
(All Sunstones are powered by this parallel world)

The protagonist is a futuristic person who lived in the world 30 years after the era, which was the main stage of the original story.
However, it will be revealed that this star will disappear soon in the future.
Several people, including the protagonist's parents, have been "time-slip" 30 years ago to escape this era and investigate the cause.
However, time slip has the side effect of causing great damage to the human body, and unless you have a powerful magical power, you cannot perform time slip.
Therefore, the parents of the protagonist performed an operation to embed the 5th Dimension Gate in the protagonist, protected the protagonist with enormous magical power, and then took a time slip.
With this, the hero arrived at the time of the original, but the shock could not be completely eliminated, and the hero's body was changed.
It was about losing him or her strength and most of memory.

Past Load / Summon of Heaven
The technique to revive a person who does not use Eternal Potion is called "Summon of Heaven", and the plan using Summon of Heaven is called "Past Load".

More than a hundred years ago, the sheep man "Maton," who once lived in the country where Kelt lived, has seen the politicians who took "Potion of King" and transformed into Kelt.
Seeing Kelt's great power, Maton began to think, "On this continent, there have been various masterpieces in the past, and we cannot see most of them."
Having learned of Irodojin's existence, Maton left the country of Kelt and began to look for ways to revive those who had died in the past.
Then, gDiceh where Irodojin and Petajin coexist was created, and Dice came to build its own technology.
With the existence of this Dice, Petajin has partially surpassed Saijin with the times.

Continents absorbed Saijin's technology, and the government secretly worked with Saijin's people to develop Heyven.
As a result, we have established a technique to revive any person who died without drinking Eternal Potion in exchange for a huge amount of energy.
This became known as the "Summon of Heaven," and the government began secretly resurrecting the greats who would be fine to revive.
Maton's idea of ​​"gathering together masterpieces of all ages and raising the level of civilization" was called "Past Load."

In the original work, "Past Load" is about to begin over 100 years ago.
One day, the Summon of Heaven will bring back the dead to this endless world.

It is one of the main characters in the original story.
The protagonist has 14 different appearances, with 7 different colors and 2 different genders.
The appearance of the main character can be selected at the beginning of the game, and can be changed arbitrarily after the end of a specific event.
(In the original work, the skills and stats to be learned by leveling up will differ depending on the selected appearance)

Red: Dog (Crim / Carlet)
Blue: Cat (Blue / Aqua)
Purple: Fox (Purple / Olet)
Yellow: Tanuki (Yellow / Ocher)
Green: Snake (Green / Leaf)
Orange: Lizard (Orange / Malade)
Ash: Wolf (Ash / Sumi)

This is an overwhelming volume of action RPG, assuming 1 work 300 hours and 10 or more works.
The "original" is made as a hobby, but the scenario is huge and it has been developed for 10 years.
Tactical Nexus's pixel art editor was created for this game, and its own 3D engine was also developed.

The early Team-Nexus staff, who disliked the "end of the story", wanted a game that had a volume that could last forever and a system that could last forever.
As a result, we have created a huge world setting that will not end after 100 years.
However, this time, the life of Team-Nexus is running short, and we have started to need medical research to extend the life.